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Register Yourself As A Blood Donor

If you or one of your loved ones have ever needed blood, you already know how important it is. Many people today would not be alive if it wasn’t for India’s generous donors who give blood to help those in need. People who give blood are united by their generosity and the desire to give something back to the community. The Red Cross Society , Jammu & Kashmir organises blood donation camps at regular basis.

Is it safe to give blood ?
Donating blood is a safe process. Each donor’s blood is collected through a new, sterile needle that is used once and then discarded. Although most people feel fine after donating blood, a small number of people may feel lightheaded or dizzy, have an upset stomach or experience a bruise or pain where the needle was inserted. Extremely rarely, loss of consciousness, nerve damage or artery damage occur.

Donating blood is simple.
A tiny drop of blood is taken from your fingertip. This allows us to check your haemoglobin levels and ensure that giving blood won’t make you anaemic.
If all is well, you will be able to donate blood. You will donate about 470ml of blood – this amount of blood is quickly replaced by your body.
Once you have given blood, you should have a short rest before being given some refreshments usually a drink and biscuits. All in all giving blood shouldn’t take more than an hour. Please remember to have something to eat and drink before you give blood.

To get yourself registered as a blood donor for next camp, write to redcross.kota111@gmail.com