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An Introduction

Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) was created in 1920 under an act of parliament with its National Headquarters in New Delhi. In the year 1947, the RAJASTHAN State Branch was formed. It acts as an auxiliary to the state authorities in providing humanitarian assistance. It strives to provide assistance to those affected by manmade or natural disasters without any discrimination. Upholding the seven fundamental principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement, the RAJASTHAN State Branch works under the State level Managing Committee. It coordinates its activities through the two regional and 22 district Red Cross Committees.

We endeavour to:

Promote humanitarian values, respect for human life and dignity, and voluntary spirit among the people especially youth. Strengthen emergency response capacity both at state and district levels through trainings of volunteers and communities. Contribute towards improving the health of the vulnerable people through various activities in the field of health and care. Mobilise resources (material and financial) to strengthen the infrastructure and human resource at all levels.

Core Activities

Emergency Preparedness and Response
Emergency Preparedness and Response With an aim to enhance the capacity of the volunteers / communities to respond to emergencies in an effective manner, the Red Cross has been conducting disaster preparedness and response trainings in vulnerable districts and communities. This initiative has proved quite useful in saving precious lives.
First Aid
First Aid is the hallmark of the Red Cross movement throughout the world. First Aid consists of simple and basic life saving techniques that can help in saving precious lives. It also develops the capacity of the individual to respond to medical emergencies within limited resources. We have been actively involved in organising First Aid Trainings across the state.Red Cross organises first aid trainings to various organisations. The trainings are imparted against training fee.
Safety Assessment of Buildings
Red Cross has undertaken an activity of the assessment of the safety of the buildings.Red Cross is providing the service to the various institution/corporate sector.
Emergency relief
Providing the relief to the victims of manmade and natural disasters (like fire, floods, earth quakes etc) remains the key activity of the Red Cross. The basic aim of such assistance is to cater to the immediate needs of the victim.
Health activities
As a regular feature, the Red Cross provides health care services. The regional branches also operate daily OPD services, basic diagnostic facilities and offer immunisation and family health care services. As part of the outreach activities, Red Cross organizes Health and Medical Camps in remote areas of the State.
Jan Aushadhi Generic medicines
The Red Cross always strives to provide assistance to the patients who need medical help. The opening of the Jan Aushadhi Generic medicine stores is a significant initiative to address this issue. The scheme is aimed at making affordable and quality medicines available for all. In Rajasthan State, Red Cross has been entrusted with the responsibility of implementing the Scheme. Three Generic drug outlets-one in the office of State Branch at Exchange Road, Srinagar and one each at Leh and Anantnag are functioning at present. Under the new drug policy the Red Cross with the support of state government intends to open Jan Aushadhi drug stores in all the Major hospitals of the state.
Red Cross offers internship to university student or graduate who have left college or are looking for voluntary experience.
In order to raise the awareness about the Red Cross and its activities among the public, Red Cross conducts various dissemination sessions with diverse audiences (students, doctors, journalists, pharmacists etc). Such interactions are useful to raise the awareness about the appropriate use of Red Cross emblem as well.
Volunteer Mobilisation
Volunteers form the backbone of the Red Cross movement. Volunteers play a key role in assisting vulnerable people and in carrying out the Red Cross activities in accordance with the seven fundamental principles. The staff and volunteers work together as a team and share the responsibilities. Therefore, motivation and mobilisation of new as well as old volunteers from time to time remains a core activity of the Red Cross.